Discover how technology can improve the tenant experience and retention

In a scenario of accelerated trends and constant use of data, those who know how to interpret them correctly can generate very useful information for more efficient management.

March 12, 2021

If a digital transformation has not yet arrived at your company, it's time to change it. In today's competitive world, good management must be done based on relevant, reliable, and up-to-date information. Manual and disconnected processes and procedures waste time and effort, as well as being more expensive.

Digital transformation requires, first of all, a change of mindset to rethink the way things get done. With the challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, this ongoing trend has accelerated quite a bit and can no longer turn back. An interesting example is the growing use of technology for the digital signing of documents, which avoids unnecessary printing.

With changes and automation of processes and procedures, integration of tools, and access to information in real-time, promoted by digital transformation, the management of a real estate enterprise can leap in efficiency and quality, reducing costs.

What are the benefits and how to use technology efficiently?

"Digitisation and increased use of applications are essential to achieve greater efficiency without having to increase the number of staff. They bring profit and drastically reduce risks".

Fábio Martins, Property Management Director, JLL

"In general, different specific tools are used in property management. But so far, in most cases, they are isolated resources, which are not 'connected' to each other. Today, with the advancement of technology, it is already possible to extract that data, integrate it into a digital platform, and analyze it so that it generates useful information for the owner and the manager of the enterprise", says Vinicius Santos, Coordinator of Digital Solutions at JLL.

On a digital platform, data collected, for example through temperature and pressure sensors and meters, can be easily crossed, allowing a more complete view of operating conditions, possible risks, and the need for intervention.

From the administrative point of view, it is also possible to consolidate data on water, gas, and energy consumption, avoid digitization of documents and make control of contracts, insurance policies, permits.

In the case of portfolios, apart from an individual view, the owner can have an overview of all companies and make performance comparisons between them.

"With digital transformation, we are leaving behind the era of monthly reports, which show what has happened, and entering the digital era, of real-time information, which allows us to monitor what is happening right now and make faster decisions," Vinicius says.

From this point, a new leap will be possible, based on advanced statistical models and artificial intelligence, which will allow predicting trends.

Why invest in digital transformation?

"Technology is essential for actions and decisions that result in reduced condo costs, while also helping to broaden renters' experiences. It is important, as they are factors that retain tenants in companies.

Strategically, the technology increases efficiency and competitiveness, as it adds value and transforms the customer experience", highlights Murillo Azevedo, planning manager of the Property Management Area of JLL.

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