From furniture to food: How is retail faring in the digital age?

As the rise of online shopping reshapes the vast retail landscape, some product categories are adapting better than others.

24 de noviembre de 2017

Across the industry e-commerce sales will increase by over 15 percent a year through to 2020, JLL’s Bagged or Boxed? The Future of 13 Retail Categories report predicts. Yet growth will not be distributed equally among retail categories. “Though some product categories are more suited to today’s online ecosystem than others, retailers are employing a range of strategies to stay ahead in an omnichannel environment,” says Molly Morgan, JLL’s Vice President of Retail Leasing.

Despite the rise of digital, physical stores remain crucial, and striking a balance between online and offline offerings is a key challenge for retailers. “They need to make sure customers are drawn in by a unique in-store experience, but also make online shopping easy and convenient,” says Morgan.

Real Views takes a closer look at how different categories are meeting the challenges of the digital age.


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